Monday, October 02, 2017

Michaelmas Residue Musings

My take-away from the Michaelmas sharing with co-parents/nurturers last week which I found truly helpful with some of the situations that unfolded for me this week: "reserve judgment on the self, on others, of any situation that you might find yourself in because it only makes everything heavier and can be a source of stress. It's when we started putting in judgment that everything becomes more difficult than it really is." Or words to that effect.

It was shared by one of the grandparents. It was pointed out that there would always be that tension between light and dark. That is the reality that we need to acknowledge and accept. And so we take it as it comes and try our best to rise above the situation and make the most out of it. We try our best to ensure that it's the light within (and without) that wins over.

I was judged this week and I found myself forming my own judgment as well until I became fully conscious of it. So I took it all back. I reserved my own judgment although I had been stung already. And boy did it sting. My ego got bruised :) Good thing I remembered I am more than my ego. I'm so much more than my id :) #thinkingoutloud #musings #takingabreakfromtechnicalwriting #togetridofanaggingthought #clearingonesthoughts #heartwork #tomakeheadworkpossible
#michaelmassresidue :)

Love and light!